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It was the fifth consecutive drop in U. The falling inventories have come as demand rebounds post-pandemic, but production has been unable to keep up.

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Energy Information Administration. That was far greater than the 3. Adding to pressure on crude inventories is a rise in gasoline demand as the summer bank of america bitcoin trading season is now underway. With people getting back in their cars to travel analysts expect the gasoline demand numbers to continue rising, which will make a big dent in crude consumption as well. That was a 0. The drop in the value of the U. OPEC meets next week and could potentially announce production increases from August onwards.

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The Dow Bank of america bitcoin trading Industrial Average last traded near the flatline. The Nasdaq Composite rallied 0. Sales of new U. The German DAX slipped 0. The pan-European Stoxx soared only 0.

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The FTSE gained 0. Swiss online pharmacy Zur Rose Group tumbled 3.

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The French giant Pernod Ricard secured around 2. However, the appreciating USD curbed the advancing mode of the yellow metal. The daily trading range is from The USD is into a negative relationship to the precious metal. The minutes said BOJ members agreed that the massive stimulus measures. In the meantime, silver gained 0. Asian Daily Market Review UTC Asian markets have turned higher for the second consecutive session on Wednesday, continuing to recover the losses suffered on Monday as overnight gains on Wall Street and rising risk appetite have helped to support the markets across the region.

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Shares of Softbank Group are trading 0. Among the major exporters Toyota has a loss of 1. Shares of the big four banks are weighing on the broader market, with ANZ 1.

China's March exports shrink 15 percent year-on-year in shock fall Read full article April 13,PM Piles of steel pipes to be exported are seen in front of cranes at a port in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province March 7, The yuan's strength was one factor in March's In a sign that domestic demand was also tepid, imports into the world's second-biggest economy shrank By volume, coal imports plunged more than 40 percent in January-March. The March fall in imports was in line with forecasts, unlike the one for exports.

Mainland Chinese markets are making good gains, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite rising 0. Meanwhile in Hong Kong the Hang Seng is leading gains for the region as it rises 1.

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Shares of Alibaba are rising 1. In South Korea the Kospi has a gain of.

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Previously the BoE was forecasting inflation at 1. However that was still shy of the actual 2.

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Whether or not it responds with a more hawkish tone though is up for debate. Some analysts have suggested that the BoE will remain dovish as they also have the Brexit to consider. However others feel that the central bank will almost certainly need to strike a more hawkish tone in response to the unexpected strength of bitcoin il recovery, and the jump in U. The real question for traders is how will the BoE monetary policy statement impact on the Pound, which remains on a steady upward trajectory versus the Euro, while also beginning to rebound versus the U.

At am the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined The stock Dow soared 10 points. Existing-home sales declined for a fourth straight month in May. The number of contracts closed fell 0.

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This comes amid extended volatile trading. The pan-European Stoxx slipped 0. The German DAX added 0. Moreover, the European Central Bank has told Deutsche Bank that it will probably have to dedicated additional equity to account for the risks it takes it take on further leveraged lending.

The bank boosted its the benchmark rate to 0.

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Crude Oil Prices Rallied UTC Oil prices jumped this morning during the Asian hours, with some indications of emerging of a rapidly tightening market. Brent oil futures secured 0.

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Bank of America Corp. The market is now focused on the U.